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Freelance Writer Editor Robert Sodaro Ep 184 - Comic Podcast | Catch Da Craze

May 8th, 2020


Robert Sodaro is a freelance writer, editor, and computer graphics production artist. His field of expertise is comic books and collectibles, as well as movies and Pop Culture. His writing has also covered such topics as computers, music, technology, and fiction. He have written a couple of books of books (Kiddie Meal Collectibles, Trivia Mania: Commercials and Ads), contributed to others (Stan Lee's How to Draw Superheroes, Stan Lee's Master Guide to Superheroes), as well as served as an editor on others (Comics Values Annual). - Comic Podcast Topic: What is the State of the Comic Book Industry? With the devastating impact of the Corona Virus, social distancing, and the economy shit down, how has that impacted comics? Youtube version