Catch Da Craze


April 16, 2020


Catch Da Craze Podcast was founded in 2007 by Host Sam “Da Craze Man” Vera. The show debuted with Co-Host Jorge “Da Dreamer” Medina. After over 140+ shows and a growing fan base, the show went off the air only to return in 2019. Now the Dynamic Duo are back with a vengeance unleashing a barrage of interviews, live streaming shows, and hilarious entertainment.

Da Crazee Man:iCreateStoriesCircleLogo.png

       Samuel is a Comic Book artist / writer / creator. Known for books like “There’s an Alien in my Toilet”, “Cosmic Wars”, “Forbidden”, just to name a few. Visit for books and art from Samuel. 

Da Dreamer: MWIP2.png

Jorge is a Comic Book Artist / Writer / Creator Known for books like “Russ5377”, and "Wonder Duck”. Visit Jorge Medina's site where you can learn al about his publishing endeavors 

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