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Alternative Rock Band DIGA EP 199 on Catch Da Craze Podcast

August 21, 2020


EPISODE 199 - Alternative Rock Band "DIGA"


With roots running deep from New York City to Chicago, DIGA are disciples of the 80's and 90's Alt Rock movement and followers of the Shoegazer sound. Sprinkle the 60's and 70's in the mix and you have Dreamy Rock Soundscapes to live by. 


Show Runner: 

  • 00:01:00          Opening Banter 
  • 00:05:00          Future Guests on Catch Da Craze
  • 00:08:27          DIGA song “Compassion”
  • 00:11:25          Get Your Meds “Crowd Funding Pt2”
  • 00:28:55.         Recap of Get Your Meds
  • 00:39:01          Commercial
  • 01:05:58          Guest “DIGA”
  • 01:01:41          Fun Facts with Syphax
  • 01:40:24          Recap of Show
  • 01:44:57          End Credits 


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