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Catch Da Craze Podcast Episode 163 Gary Camp

December 20th, 2019


Gary Camp is the co owner of C1 Comics/Publishing an independent comic book publisher. He has been involved in the comic book industry most of his adult life, and continues to enjoy it personally and professionally. He started in this industry in mid 1990’s doing production works on projects like "Little Miss Strange" for both Visage studios and then Indy publisher Millennium comics. Soon after, he decided too go into self-publishing and co created Creative One Comics with Ed Mouzon, a studio of talented artists and writers workings toward a common goal to independently create and produce their own comic books. Some of the past works included: “An Industrial Strength Taste Test” sampler comic book, “Strange Corridors” Horror Anthology series and the “Little Miss Strange” trade collection and finally “Mala Noche” vampire series. Currently, he has published an urban super heroes series called “Bronx Age of Heroes”. “He feels the creation of the C1 Universe comic book line will introduce an urban reality missing in most mainstream comic books.” In addition, Gary Camp has over 10 years of experience in graphic designing; he has worked for various graphic firms through out the years. He’s is known for his urban art pieces that express the raw urban environment that he lives in. 

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