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Catch Da Craze Podcast Episode 174 Live Show with Ray Felix

March 6th, 2020



Ray Felix, is a Bronx native born in 1973, he is a graduate of the School of Visual arts Class of 1999/ 2000. His comics include, "Bronx Heroes ®1.0: "Runaway Slave", Bronx Heroes® 2.0 : The Greatest Hero Black Power®, Heavy Traffic™, Enter: The Roach™ and "A World Without Superheroes®".  Ray Felix is also the Founder of the community based organization, Bronx Heroes Comic Con®, and Co-Founder of Women in Comics Con™, which promotes literacy and education through the practice of reading and creating comics. 



We discuss the controversy between DC Comics vs Ray Felix vs Antarctic Press over the Trademark of Punchline 


Commercial Skit: “Trying to Catch Da Craze”

We continue with the quest to Catch Da Craze as Sam tries to sneak out of the house in order to pursue the Craze. His plot is thwarted by the Crazee Man. Will he ever get his hands on the Craze? 


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