Catch Da Craze

Creator of Geek Girl Comics Sam Johnson on Catch Da Craze Ep 190

June 19, 2020

CDC_EPISODE_190_SAM_JOHNSON_b0hzj.jpgComic Podcast - Comics Writer/creator of Geek-Girl, Ms. F and Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman; co-creator of The Almighties. Jonesin' to work on Deadpool. Topics: $100 million Spotify deal with Joe Rogan

Show Runner:

00:03:00 Get Your Meds Theme Song

00:07:00 Shows booked through July

00:08:59 Discussing Upcoming Shows and Jonathan Syphax

00:13:41 Joe Rogan Spotify Deal worth $100 million

00:36.09 Commercial

00:36:43 Sam Johnson creator of Geek Girl Comics Previous Episode: 

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