Catch Da Craze

EP 202 All Star Comics Creative Team + Kickstarter PT 3 with JD Calderon

September 11, 2020


Join us for a special Extended show with The Creative Team behind All Star Comics and an in depth conversation with Writer and Youtuber JD Calderon on launching a successful Kickstarter campaign. Available on Youtube 

Show Runner: 

  • 00:01:30         Opening Banter 
  • 00:06:30         Catch The Crazee’s KickStarter
  • 00:21:00          Get Your Meds Kickstarter PT3 with JD Calderon
  • 00:35.:12          Recap of Get Your Meds
  • 00:37:55          Guest All Star Comics Team
  • 01:42:49          Recap
  • 01:45:25          End Credits 

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