Catch Da Craze

EP 203 Writer Jamie Medlin Plus Kickstarter PT 4 with JD Calderon

September 18, 2020




His journey began when a customer at his day job handed him an extra copy of a Spider-Man #1 he had signed by Stan Lee. 

It was from here that Jamie began collecting, picking up issues of his favorite hero’s and their origins. He was hooked! Jamie learned a lot over the years and felt that this book can give some tips and tricks he wished he had learned as a novice collector. 


Show Runner: 

  • 00:01:00         Opening Banter 
  • 00:06:041       Year in the books
  • 00:08:00         Patreon
  • 00:16:00          Get Your MEDS (Kickstarter with JD Calderon)
  • 00:39.30         Guest Jamie Medlin
  • 01:20:00          Recap
  • 01:26:08          End Credits 


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