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Indie Comic Publisher Enemi Entertainment EP 196 on Catch Da Craze Podcast

July 31, 2020


Comic Book Publisher - Enemi Entertainment was founded in 2006 as an independent publisher with the intention of putting together a catalog of their own titles that would mail directly to retailers. Founder and CEO John Kotsis thought it would be a better idea to publish a catalog including other independent companies, as well, providing them with greater exposure to the retailers and fans seeking out their titles. Https://

Show Runner:

00:01:42 We reached 112 Subscribers - THANK YOU

00:03:09 Future Guest Line Up

00:06:48 Get Your Meds - Beyond The Comics

00:10:52 Create a Demond - Grow your Fan Base

00:22:57 Respect the work… Finished what you started

00:33:08 Guest: John Kotsis - Enemi Entertainment

00:59:53 Wrap Up

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