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Podcasters Nerds of the Round - Ep 191 on Catch Da Craze

June 26th, 2020


They are Comic Podcasters, Comic Book Creators and Employees at InBeon Magazine. Welcome Nerds of the Round Topics: Where is the love said the writer. Why is it different for writers vs artist?

Show Runner:

00:02:28 What have you been up to?

00:007:18 Looking for Writers for our August Line up

00:06:08 Where is the love? Writers vs Artists…

00:10:47 A Writers Rate of Pay in Comics

00:13.59 A Comic Con should have a Writers Pitch Room

00:18:04 Artist Rate of Pay (You get what you pay for)

00:26:56 A day in the life 00:35:18 Nerds of the Round

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