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Talking with Michael Grassia of Incredi-Chat EP 193 on Catch Da Craze Podcast

July 10th, 2020


He is an artist, Convention owner and promoter and Podcaster. Join us for a lively chat with Michael Grassia Topics: The Field Reporter. What makes a good podcast field host?

Show Runner:

00:04:15 Back to the Future - Michael J Fox

00:06:39 80’s TV show Theme Songs

00:10:50 Catch Da Craze Field reporting - A look back

00:18:00 How has Podcasting Changed over the years

00:21.39 That time when I had an opportunity to interview Stan Lee and I blew it

00:25:13 The first time I experienced Stage Fright

00:28:30 Michael Grassia

001:42.06 Virtual Cons

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